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Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok

This famous weekend market shows no signs of losing popularity, and quite rightly it’s one of the “must visit” spots in the city. Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok is very easy to get to, on the bus, the Skytrain or the underground subway MRT. Coming from one of the hotels in Sukhumvit you can take the Skytrain in the direction of Mo Chit, and get off at this stop. It’s also the terminal station, so there’s no chance of missing the stop. On the MRT the stop is Chatuchak, in the direction of Bang Sue.

Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok is just a short walk from both Skytrain and MRT stations, and all you have to do is follow the crowds. Along the sidewalks there are stalls selling trinkets, and junk, but the market cannot be missed – it’s huge. In fact it is possible – and I’ve done it – to get hopelessly lost inside the complex of stalls and alleyways. Enter at one point and I guarantee you will exit by another!!

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Chatuchak is called the Weekend Market because it only operates on Saturdays and Sundays. It opens at around 10am. Something to bear in mind is that no matter what the weather, it gets incredibly hot in the market.

On a humid day it becomes really tiring and strength sapping, walking around all the stalls. Maybe that’s why there’s so many fruit and water vendors on hand to sell cooling drinks. Local Thai people go to Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok as and when they might need something for the house, some clothes, maybe a new pet – its that kind of market!

Just about everything can be bought at the Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok, but what is noticeable for market goes of a few years, is that some of the “stalls” have become proper shops, and they are not what you would call market traders.

These are mainly selling small items of furniture and interior design items. Lamps, curtains, small tables and cutlery are things which you see, and think they are going to be cheaper than in a department store. Quite often they are not, but one thing which is cheaper is pottery. I’ve bought all my plates, and crockery from Chatuchak, and its good stuff.

At about a third the price of a place like Index. For tourists on the hunt for a bargain amongst the treasure trove, clothes are probably the most popular. There are lots of replica football/soccer outfits, “brand name” jeans, and any number of stylish tops. The stalls selling clothes tend to be at the back of the market, but the chances are you will end up there by accident anyway.

Bangkok's Chatuchak Weekend Market

Taking somethings back home can be tricky which is a shame because the plants for sale here are brilliant. Orchids, bushes and all manner of greenery can be bought, but most countries have regulations on bringing plants in from overseas. It’s unlikely that you may want to buy a puppy dog whilst on holiday but they are here in all their cuteness at Chatuchak.

Spending a couple of hours in the market is usually quite enough as the heat saps away the enthusiasm and the will to keep wandering through the maze. So, there are plenty of small cafes and sit down places to eat and drink. Mainly Thai but some western, the eateries have water, beer, snacks and juice to relieve you from the hard work of shopping.

To get the best out of Chatuchak Weekend Market and not wear yourself out, arrive in the morning before the place gets too hot, because by 3 in the afternoon its very crowded, very hot, and not half as much fun.

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