Top 10 Tips when Visiting Bangkok

Top 10 Tips when Visiting Bangkok – Everyone knows that discovering a new city in your own country can be daunting enough, but it can be even more over whelming when you are thousands of miles away from home, visiting a country where you don’t speak the same language. We have compiled our top 10 tips when visiting Bangkok that will save you time and money, help you stay stress free (most of the time) as you explore the city and make sure you stay fit and healthy throughout your stay in Bangkok.

1) Forward planning – Unlike most cities in the world, Bangkok is not a walkable city. So making the most of the daunting sprawl of crowds, commerce and culture centres takes plenty planning. Therefore, work out what you want to see, where they are and then work out a logical route. Buy a good map.

2) Buy a good map – Bangkok can be confusing as sometimes it all seems like urban planning is severely lacking. The solution is to buy a good map with street names in English and Thai. Consider this your faithful compass and never be without it.

3) Take an organised tour – An organised tour of Bangkok will reach the parts that other methods cannot. Walking the streets with just a trusty Bangkok travel guide in hand will appeal to the adventurous but are you here to enjoy Bangkok? An organised tour is inexpensive and is very easily arranged.

4) Beware of scammers – A Thai stranger who approaches you in the street is after more than a chat. They will approach you with a smile, give you advice and ask your name. Before you know it you can be on a tuk-tuk to a gem store and not the museum you planned to visit.

5) Drink plenty water – Drinking plenty of cold water in Bangkok’s sticky and stifling heat is crucial to your well-being. Fortunately you can find a drinks vendor at every turn and always make sure that your bottled water is sealed.

6) Hopping in a taxi – For a hassle free taxi journey try to avoid travelling during rush hour, insist that your driver switches on the payment meter and make sure you leave nothing valuable behind.

7) Always carry a photocopy of your passport – Carrying suitable ID is a must in Thailand. Proving who you are is a day-to-day formality and is something the Thai authorities are strict about. Instead of dragging your passport around with you, take a photocopy and you do not run the fear of losing it.

8) Take a hotel card with directions in Thai – It is simple but ingenious. Take a business card with your hotel’s address and directions written on it in Thai. This will help you to get home if you do manage to get lost in Bangkok.

9) Always barter, but do it nicely with a smile – The first rule of shopping in the markets of Bangkok is that there is no set price. So get haggling as it is expected in Bangkok, however do it nicely to avoid confrontation and smile!

10) Use the BTS and MRT almost always – There are noisy tuk-tuks, dangerous motorbike taxis and wonderful canal boats. However, when it comes to getting around, the BTS Skytrain and MRT Underground are easily your most agreeable option. The BTS soars above traffic, while the MRT whizzes beneath it. Both offer air-conditioning and are probably the best inventions since the wheel. Get yourself a day or week pass to save cost.