Khao San Road Bangkok

Khao San Road Bangkok is a little roadway located about a block from the Chao Phraya River at the northern side of Rattanakosin. Backpackers and budget travellers are drawn here by a few of the least expensive accommodation options in Bangkok – if not Thailand. Khao San Road Bangkok is the historic centre of the tourist area that was actually established in the Banglamphu district. Initially dealing with backpackers, and referred to as a backpacker mecca – that description, nowadays is no longer precise as it is also visited by a wide array of tourists – the majority of whom are not backpackers these days.

The word Khao San itself means “milled rice” and is an attribution to the historical role of this street in the rice trade. The first business to open on Khao San Road Bangkok was a little hotel aimed at serving civil servants from the provinces who came to Bangkok on business. The hotel was followed by Sor Thambhakdi, a store selling monks accessories. Four similar businesses moved in after, and Khao San became called a “religious road”. The very first tourist guest house – called Bonny, opened in 1982 with six little bedrooms.

Today, there’s a lot more than six little bedrooms on offer. In the period of just a number of blocks, there are bars, food stalls, restaurants, corner stores, pharmacies, coffee shops, money exchange booths, ATMs, shoe stores, massage parlours, tailors, travel agencies, laundry, boxing gyms, eye doctors and unlimited warrens of suspiciously discounted designer clothing on offer. The chaos has spilled over to the entire area, consisting of Soi Rambuttri, which has developed mainly into an street of intriguing and elegant restaurants – it is undoubtedly a top tourist destination in Bangkok.

Places of Interest

Although there are not any well-known historical sites to speak of on the road itself, Khao San Road Bangkok is a part of Rattanakosin and really one of the earliest areas in Bangkok. Around the street, there are a variety of old shophouses and noteworthy temples. Aside from the intriguing architecture, the location shows a mix of people and heritages that is common for Bangkok. There are Buddhists, Chinese, Muslims and obviously a great number of immigrants in this small part of the city. All of this makes the location a fascinating location for a look at Thai life.

The location of Khao San Road Bangkok is an excellent place to just hang out, eat at a restaurant, purchase all sort of clothes and other items, get a massage, watch individuals, or have a couple of drinks and take pleasure in the nightlife.

Shopping is a popular activity in this district. Obviously the first place to shop is Khao San Road itself. Plenty of shops along the street sell dresses, t-shirts, skirts, accessories, shoes and bags – usually for a bargain. A number of these remain in classic design, as that’s popular with the Khao San crowd. There are also the usual keepsake and handicrafts stores.

Bars, Restaurants & Nightlife

Khao San Road Bangkok provides a few of the most affordable and most diverse food choices anywhere in Bangkok. Tourists from all over the world to visit the road, so there is a high demand for all sort of ethnic food. Together with the typical Thai dishes, Indian, Italian and Jewish food are specifically well-represented, as are dining establishments specialising in vegetarian food.

Street carts on the road sell good Pad Thai (fried noodles), quail eggs, roti (like a pancake), falafel, hummus, various bugs and some offer just mixed drinks. However, it deserves noting that much of it is specifically tailored for backpackers – even the regional Pad Thai, especially the low price range – they conserves money on the components and use soy sauce instead of the conventional tamarind sauce. Far better Pad Thai is offered in almost any sit-down restaurant on Khao San.

Khao San Road Bangkok has a few of the best bars in the area and spending one night of your journey here is a must. You might wish to begin with a romantic dinner and views over the Chao Phraya River. No place does this better than Aquatini Bar and Restaurant. A great option is the seafood at the al fresco balcony of Tom Yum Kung. If you wish to save cash, or wish to have supper at a common Khao San design restaurant, go for the seafood at Popiang Home.

Probably one of the most satisfying activities on Khao San Road is people watching. Centre Khao Sarn has the best views of the bunch with lots of roadside seats. Mulligans is a deserving option, and great for conversation as there’s no music outside.

Accommodation Options

Khao San Road is Bangkok’s main backpacker district. Inexpensive brand-new guest houses emerge and vanish on a monthly basis, so lodging is tough to recommend, however there is constantly something readily available for a small spending plan. As hipsters and upper-class tourists have actually started to visit, it’s becoming an area that has accommodation for every budget. Always make your booking online to get the lowest price and take a look at the reviews.