Don Muang Airport Bangkok

Don Muang Airport Bangkok (DMK) (or Don Mueang), is about 30 km north of downtown. It was Bangkok’s main airport until 2006. The airport currently deals with Nok Air and Orient Thai domestic flights, with the worldwide terminal now also being used by Air Asia and other charter companies. Because all Air Asia flights arrive and leave from Don Muang Airport Bangkok (DMK) instead of BKK (Suvarnabhumi Airport), this is something to consider when you have linking flights. A lot of non-Air Asia international flights will be leaving from BKK (Suvarnabhumi) so there is a shuttle bus service that will transfer you to this airport. It can take well over an hour to transfer – even longer if the traffic is heavy, so allow enough time for your connecting flight. More information about this service can be found below.

There are plenty of transport options from Don Muang Airport Bangkok to get you into the city itself. The public taxi stand is on the pavement outside the arrivals area and is most likely your best bet for getting to the city – it’s your only option after 23:00. The same booth and slip system as at Suvarnabhumi Airport is utilised here. If the line at the taxi stand is long or you need a more roomy automobile, you might wish to book a limousine taxi from the desks in the terminal. This will get you a somewhat better vehicle at about twice the price (500-600 THB). Overlook any touts outdoors and do not enter any car with white licence plates, as these are not certified to carry passengers. If you are having problem discovering taxi drivers willing to put the meter on, or wish to avoid the airport taxis altogether – you can walk to the main road outside the arrivals door and stroll past the area where the buses are parked, making your way left to the main road – you can hail down a taxi here, and the driver should put on the meter – this would be the cheapest taxi fare.

Across a covered overpass from the airport is Don Muang Train Station. Tickets are available to Hualamphong Train Station in central Bangkok. Trip time to Hualamphong is at least 60 minutes. While taking the train is the least expensive way to get from the airport to Bangkok, it is not for the faint hearted. Schedules are unpredictable, the run-down passenger cars often have beggars roaming through them, and are fairly empty late in the evening. Still if you board the train at Don Muang during the day, it makes an interesting journey. If you have actually been on third class Thai trains in the past, this one is no different. It is not suggested to aim to get to the Don Muang airport by train when you have a flight to catch – trains run with very little regard for the scheduled timetable, and it is not unusual to arrive more than an hour past the expected times. Include an additional hour or 2 for your journey time if you mean to get to the airport by doing this.

There is also free shuttle bus service in between DMK and BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport. At peak times, it runs every 30 minutes and it takes about an hour, depending on traffic. The indicators to the bus stop aren’t that clear however, all you have to do is turn left as soon as you come out of the terminal. If you have time to spare, this is a low-cost method of getting into town from DMK given that Suvarnabhumi offers numerous transport options.

There are two airport bus lines at DMK run by BMTA (orange air-con bus). You can take a bus simply from in front of the terminal. It makes good connection to the BTS Skytrain and MRT.
A1 to BTS Mo Chit/MRT Chatuchak and Mo Chit 2 Intercity Bus Terminal and return. A2 (brand-new) goes to BTS Mo Chit then Victory Monolith and return. There are also a variety of public transport buses going through the airport. Just follow the signs towards the bus stop. Airport to your back, the bus stop is on the right-hand side of the airport. It will be along the highway, outside the airport complex, right below a highway footbridge.


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