Bangkok Weather and Seasons

Bangkok weather and season vary throughout the year. The tropical monsoons tend to dominate the weather in Bangkok and as a result the seasons can be broken down into three; wet, cool and hot. The hot season runs from March to June, the wet season from July to October, and the cool season from November to February. Like most cities, Bangkok can get extremely hot with little relief by night fall. You can expect the average day time temperature (almost all year round) to be about 28 degrees centigrade.

All things considered, the best time to visit Bangkok is in the dry season from November to February. The temperature and absence of rain makes it perfect for walking the many tourist attractions and also for going to some of the beaches near Bangkok. The rainy season from July to October is also excellent for going to the shopping malls – as bad weather is limited to brief bursts with the majority being in the late afternoon.

Our guide to the weather seasons can be found below – for a complete and up to date forecast visit the Wunder Ground website.

Cool Season – November to February

Although temperatures are relatively high all year round, the Bangkok weather in November through to February can bring a welcomed few degrees fall in the daytime average temperature to around 26-28 degrees. Additionally there is quite often a gentle breeze that floats across the city, further providing a relief from the high temperatures. During the cool season there is relatively little rainfall and although an occasional shower may occur, it dries up almost immediately and won’t affect the city too much at all. Humidity can also drop slightly during the months providing a fresher feel to the city. For this reason, the cool season is the best time of year to visit the city and visitor numbers can increase substantially.

Wet Season – July to October

The weather in Bangkok starts to become a little unsettled in May, just after the Thai New Year in which the Songkran Festival is held to encourage the rain to fall so crops can grow. Picking up pace in June, the rain lasts until October. Historically, Bangkok residents could predict almost to the minute when the rain was coming, but with changes in climate worldwide, all they know now is that the rain is most likely in the afternoon although some days can see rain all day.

The average daytime temperature during this period is around 31 degrees centigrade and rainfall levels average at about 200ml a month, although September regularly experiences over 300ml of rain. There is still frequent sunny spells in the morning during this season and the rain will almost have always stopped by the evening. However, heavy rain can bring the city to a stand still and flooding is quite common.

Hot Season – March to June

March to June sees the Bangkok weather at its hottest. During this time, temperatures will rise up and average into the mid 30’s. The humidity at this time is also very high and so the conditions can feel very hot and sticky, no problem if by the sea but this can be challenging when exploring a busy city. Light cotton clothes are probably the best attire to consider. Rainfall from February to April is relatively low, averaging around 40ml a month. Through the months June to August rain starts falling more regularly although this can often bring a nice relief to the humidity after a rainstorm. February, March and April are three of the most popular months to visit the city and an influx in visitors can be noticeable, especially at the popular tourist attractions.