Bangkok Temples and Shrines

Bangkok temples and shrines are a distinct part of the capital’s body and soul. A visit to Bangkok would not be complete without seeing at east a few of them. The architecture is breathtaking and the glittering decor, like no other.

Bangkok is the capital of a Buddhist country which indicates that the city has lots of some of Southeast Asia’s finest temples and shrines. Found in every district, these places of worship range from small local temples (wats) to among extravagant splendour, such as the popular Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Arun. Faith is essential to the Thai individuals, and little miniature versions of temples called spirit homes are to be discovered in a lot of workplace complexes, shopping centres, hotels and in lots of houses, draped in jasmine flowers and surrounded by offerings for Buddha.

Going back 40,000 years, Bangkok, the former capital of Siam, is home to many glittering Buddhist temples. Visited by Thais as much as tourists, they form the centre piece of daily spiritual life for the locals. After seeing the amazing Grand Palace grounds, most visitors go to a handful of temples, including Wat Pho or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, waterside Wat Arun and Wat Saket (Temple of the Golden Mount), but there are numerous other well worth visiting.

One practice which is popular with the Thai people is called ‘benefit making at 9 temples’. This includes going to nine temples in one day, preferably on a special day. This is part of the practice of Buddhism; the methods of making benefit are to give alms to monks in the mornings, visit temples to hope and to live according to the precepts in Buddhist teachings. The number 9 is believed to bring all the best to the Thai individuals, thus the important of checking out nine temples.

Visiting Bangkok Temples and Shrines

All the temples are open for visitors to go into and walk around at leisure. If you’re not planning on employing a guide, take a manual as there’s little public info on-site. A lot of temples open extremely early and close to the general public after 6pm. Bangkok’s temples are a photographer’s delight. First thing in the morning or late in the afternoon offer better light and cooler temperatures, but more crowds. The temples have a lot of steps normally and as such access is usually difficult for visitors in wheelchairs.

There are actually over 800 Bangkok temples & shrines – visiting them all would take a lifetime. We have actually highlighted the most popular temples and shrines that we feel are a must-see during your remain in Bangkok. Some Bangkok temples and shrines are not only places of worship and spiritual retreat but are likewise steeped in the abundant history of the Rattanakosin era and the Chakri kings.

Visiting any of the many Bangkok temples and shrines should be top of your list while in the city. We have listed below some of the best Bangkok temples and shrines to visit. Find out their history, features, location, watch videos, view pictures and much more. You can even rate and leave a review of your experience of each Bangkok temple and shrine that you have visited.