Bangkok Tuk Tuks

Bangkok Tuk Tuks or Sam-Lors as there’re known locally have turned into one of the cities many recognisable modes of transportation and are still popular among travellers and visitors. Riding Bangkok Tuk Tuks is more of an experience rather than a practical method of getting around the city streets. So, if it’s your first time in Bangkok, then you should try a ride at least once.

Bangkok Tuk Tuks are a three wheel conversion of a motorbike with seating for 3 (although some will take up to 6) that fly around the city at quite a speed. There are various Tuk Tuk types, designs, and variations. The most typical type is defined by a sheet-metal body or open frame resting on 3 wheels, a canvas/metal roof with drop-down side curtains, a little cabin at the front for the chauffeur (often referred to as an auto-wallah) with handlebar controls, and a freight/traveler area at the back.

Avoid the Scams & Enjoy the Ride

Taking a ride in Bangkok Tuk Tuk is an experience and certainly one worth having when visiting the city. Prices for tourists will probably be twice that of a metered taxi car and negotiating a better price is all part of the experience. Always tell the Tuk Tuk driver exactly where you want to go what will it cost. You should pay prior to hopping into your seat. Be weary of the high prices that drivers will try and charge you in tourist areas. Always negotiate for a lower cost. If you’re really assertive you might go for 50% off the original rate, however we advise getting at least 5-20 THB off the original fare. Keep in mind that every Tuk Tuk will try to charge you an inflated price and do not get sucked into going to one of their commissioned stores. Numerous Tuk Tuk drivers will offer tourists a city trip, totally free or for a very little money. This tour will usually comprise of the drivers then stopping at shops for which they get a fuel coupon or commission on any purchase you make. Avoid these at all costs – it’s a scam.

When you take a Bangkok Tuk Tuk ride, make certain to unwind and enjoy the scenery and attractions as you speed around with an up close view of many of Bangkok’s popular sites. Riding in a Tuk Tuk also provides you a great insite of how residents are living their every day life – as you meander down tiny little side streets.

Bangkok Tuk Tuks are more costly than in many other Thai cities, and it may be the case that a taxi car is in fact less expensive than a Tuk Tuk. However in the thick of afternoon rush-hour traffic, Tuk Tuks have the advantage of being able to squeeze through narrower passages and prevent you journey being halted by road congestion. Above all it’s the experience you pay for and one not to be missed!


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