Bangkok Taxi Cars

Maybe the most convenient and most comfy method to get around the city, if not the quickest, is by any of the Bangkok taxi cars. These come in various colours – though the green-yellow and red-blue ones are the most common. There are countless Bangkok taxi cars, and discovering one at any time is never a problem and they’re very low-cost too.

There are actually around 150,000 licensed Bangkok taxi cars. These certified taxis should have a prominent “Taxi Metre” sign on the roof. The writing in Thai on the sides of each taxi shows which company the taxi comes from, or which taxi cooperative the chauffeur comes from. Some taxis are owned outright by its driver, while other taxis are owned by among several large taxi business and the chauffeurs lease the automobiles in shifts.

Finding a Taxi

Bangkok taxi cars are everywhere you look. If on the street just put your hand out and one will stop for you. If you don’t like the appearance of the taxi that is stopping for you, wave it on and get a newer one. The majority of taxis will have a picture of the chauffeur, in addition to their license, put on the dash-board of the taxi they are owning. If there is one, it’s an excellent indication. If there isn’t really one, or the image doesn’t match the driver, then you may wish to wait for a different taxi.

All the large shopping malls have taxi ranks. Siam Paragon has a taxi line system which is situated outside the primary and front entrance. Siam Paragon have staff who will ask you for your destination and after that shouts through a loudspeaker at the taxis to discover which motorist wants to go to your destination. Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom have a queue from its side entrance and the scenario is comparable there.

Taxi Fares

As the sign on the roofing declares, all taxis in Bangkok are needed to have “metres”. The taxi driver should switch on the metre when you get in, although on occasion the driver will, illegally refuse to use it and quote an inflated flat fare – often declaring the meter is ‘broken’.  If this ever happens just get out and move onto any of the other Bangkok taxi cars waiting for your custom. The majority of Bangkok taxi cars drivers are typically respectable and issues are not that typical, particularly in comparison to some Tuk Tuk drivers.

All taxis are metered with the starting cost of 35 THB for the first 3km and after that 5 THB per km. The fare then goes up by roughly 5 THB per km or by a specific period of time if captured in a traffic jam.

For most trips around Bangkok, the typical fares is 50 – 60 THB with your most pricey trip probably being a taxi to or from Suvanabhumi Airport – which will be around 300 THB if travelling from the centre of Bangkok.

Tipping the cab driver when you finish your trip isn’t really needed, although rounding up the figure on the meter makes things easy for the chauffeur to pay your change quickly and they do appreciate the tip.

You can work out an estimated rate for your taxi journey in Bangkok by visiting World Taxi Meter.


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