Bangkok Motorcycle Taxis

A terrific method of getting around and avoiding a traffic jam is using one of the many Bangkok motorcycle taxis. They can weave in and out of the static automobiles, and even mount the pavement when needed, in order to reach your destination. Bangkok motorcycle taxis are normally used for short trips around the city.

In Bangkok, there are motorcycle taxi lines on numerous Sois, or backstreets, and the queues are managed by the city’s government. Bangkok motorcycle taxis can also be discovered on most street corners, bus stops and outside train stations. the riders will have fluorescent vests on, with colours ranging from red, purple, yellow and orange. The bikes will do short to medium (a few kilometres) journeys and it’s certainly not advised to be on them longer than need be. Rates generally begin a 20 THB.

Bangkok residents usually just use motorbike taxis when they need to get somewhere quick, as metered taxi-cabs are much more expensive than flat-rate motorcycles. Therefore, Bangkok motorcycle taxis have actually developed their credibility on providing service as rapidly as possible and at a low cost. Ensure you agree on a price and make payment before embarking on your journey.

Safety First

Insist on wearing a helmet – if the taxi driver has no helmet for you then move on to one that has. In compliance with Thailand’s helmet law, many (but not all) taxi riders bring an extra helmet to provide to travellers. It deserves keeping in mind that the law requires both rider and passenger to wear a helmet when on a motorbike and it is the chauffeur’s responsibility to provide one, and pay the fine if he doesn’t.

Take care to keep your knees and arms in and watch your feet in order to avoid injury. When the road opens up, they may go really fast, including between automobiles. If you do not like how they are riding then ask them to slow down. You can likewise tell them is Thai; slowly, “Cha-Cha”.


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