Bangkok Street Food

The quality and choice of Bangkok street food is world renowned. Bangkok is often mentioned as one of the best street food cities in the world, and even called the street food capital of the world. There are few places in the world, if any, that are as synonymous with street food as Bangkok. For the variety of locations and abundance of options, it’s a top choice out of all destinations in Thailand for Bangkok street food.

In the evenings, mobile street stalls – often only a scooter with a side car, drive by and temporarily set up shop outside bars, at markets and on ant street corner they can find in Bangkok.

Bangkok street food markets are large open air halls with permanent stalls that tend to operate as a collection of street stalls – each vendor with their own set of tables and providing a limited service – although some resemble the regular food courts at shopping malls and large supermarkets, with service counters and the communal use of tables. Food courts and food markets offer many of the same foods as street stalls, both pre-cooked as well as made to order. Night food markets, in the form of a collection of street stalls and mobile vendors, spring up in parking lots, along busy streets, and at temple fairs and local festivals in the evenings, when the temperatures are more agreeable and people have finished work.

A Taste Sensation of Bangkok Street Food

There is scarcely a Thai dish that is not sold by a street vendor or at a market somewhere in Bangkok. Some specialise in only one or two dishes, while others offer a complete menu that rival that of top restaurants. Some sell only pre-cooked street food, others cook food to order. Bangkok street food dishes that are made to order, tend to be dishes that can be quickly prepared – quick stir fries with rice, such as Pad Kaphrao or Phat Khang, and quick curries such as Pladuk Phat Phet.

Popular dishes sold by mobile vendors are grilled items such as sun-dried squid, meats on skewers, grilled sour sausages, and deep-fried snacks such as fried insects or fried chicken. Peeled and sliced fruits are also sold from street carts, laid out on a bed of crushed ice to preserve their freshness. Steamed buns filled with meat or sweet beans and the Thai version of the Chinese steamed Baozi are also commonly sold by mobile vendors.

Noodles are a popular street food item as they are mainly eaten as a single dish. Chinese style noodle soups, fried noodles, and Thai rice noodles, served with a choice of different Thai curries, are very popular dishes. Nearly everywhere in Bangkok you will see Som Tam (green papaya salad) and sticky rice sold at stalls and markets – this is popularly eaten together with grilled chicken, but if the stall doesn’t sell any themselves, someone else nearby will. Sweet roti, a thin, flat fried dough envelop, with fillings such as banana, egg, and chocolate is also popular. The roti is similar to the Malay Roti Canai and Singaporean Roti Prata, and the stalls are often operated by Thai Muslims. Sweets snacks, collectively called khanom, such as Tako (coconut cream jelly), Khanom Man (coconut cassava cake), and Khanom Wun (flavoured jellies), can be seen displayed on large trays in glass covered push-carts.

Low Cost and Delicious Cuisine

Bangkok street food is low cost – starting at only 10 THB to around 100 THB per dish. This is the homemade Thai cuisine at its best! It’s normally families simply preparing on the street, no big restaurant equipment where the consumer would never ever be able to get a glimpse of the cooks in the kitchen.

On the streets, it’s the Thai moms and papas cooking for you – so don’t miss out on the chance due to the fact that you will not find this anywhere else on the planet!

Thai people themselves primarily eat street food and are very particular with their food. Only the very best stays on the streets, any inferior Bangkok street food wouldn’t be tolerated and the individual selling it would go out of business extremely quickly. Thai individuals are proud and to be able to come to their vending area every day and cook great food that won’t feed just the passersby but also their own kids – the stakes are way expensive to quit on quality. Enjoy the best Asian food around!