Bangkok Museums

It might be crowded, hot, and loaded with traffic, however something about Bangkok is certain, it will never be dull. This is true even of the Bangkok museums – places most travellers avoid, having actually heard more about the nightlife, the shopping malls, and the golden temples. While it may not be Paris or London, there certainly are some really intriguing museums that should be part of any visitor’s itinerary to Bangkok.

Thailand is renowned for its opulent culture and interesting history and, while the Bangkok museums could not be rated as world-class, they certainly do a good enough job in educating the masses of tourists who visit here every year. From history and religion to culture and spirituality, there’s a museum here to suit every taste and interest.

The many Bangkok museums exhibit some of the most sublime, and strangest, collections of relics you can imagine – giving visitors a wonderful insight into Thailand’s colourful culture and unique heritage. Some are housed in buildings just as interesting as their contents, like Kamthieng House – a 19th century teak house and former abode of a rice farmer, The Bangkok Folk Museum and Jim Thompson’s House, to name a few.

There are also some extremely unusual and rather weird museums, such as the ghoulish Siriraj Medical Museum, home to a forensics and pathology display that will certainly leave you shaking your head. Or how about the Museum of Fake Items, which provides a useful take and look at the efforts to suppress Thailand’s rampant fake market. Likewise of unusual and eccentric would be a stop at the Condom Museum, only to be discovered in Bangkok.

Whether you like your history or not, visiting any of the museums in Bangkok is a really interesting activity and makes for a good day out – families and couples – young or old, there’s a museum of interest you all to enjoy. We cover all the best museums of Bangkok in great detail – see below for links to our highly recommended Bangkok Museums.