Bangkok MRT Tickets

Just like the Skytrain, there are a variety of Bangkok MRT tickets and types, which just have to be held near to the ticket barriers to operate them. You will actually get a little black plastic circular token the size of a coin. This token uses RFID contactless innovation to let you get in the platforms. You can also purchase a 1, 3, and one month pass directly at one of the kiosks.

The most typical method and easiest for travellers is to simply insert coins and/or notes into the ticket/token machines situated right before the barriers to obtain a token. Each machine has a large touch screen that is offered in Thai or English. Simply touch the screen to activate it and press “English” on the top right-hand corner. The screen will display a map revealing the Bangkok MRT route and stations. Just touch the circle beside the name till it goes green to show the rate you have to pay.

Travel Tokens

When you understand the value of the token insert either a note into the flat slot under the coin slot or usage coins for the coin slot at the top. If using notes, stick with 20 THB notes that remain in good condition. The machines will except 100 THB notes but you will get all your change in coins. You will be given a token into a tray at the bottom of the device on the left hand side.

Now that you have the little black plastic coin sized Bangkok MRT token, continue to the metallic barriers. Hover the token above the red panel and the barrier will open. Make your way through – easy as that. You keep the token as it’s required to exit your final station. Continue down or onwards to the train platform you need. The platforms are typically named with the last station on the line and there is a station map on the platforms.

For more information about Bangkok MRT tickets, services and routes, please visit the Bangkok Metropolitan Rapid Transit website.


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