Bangkok Monuments

There are a number of essential Bangkok monuments well worth a visit during your stay in the city. Some are high profile landmarks – Victory Monument and Democracy Monument are exceptionally popular locations to those who circumnavigate the city on a regular basis. Their significance does though go beyond simply being landmarks; Triumph Monument has a continuous role in events from foreign dignitaries and Democracy Monument has attested to a lot of the darker events in Thailand’s modern-day history. A variety of comparable (if less prominent) monuments that are likewise worth a go to can be discovered around the capital.

Like somewhere else in the nation, Bangkok’s monuments can likewise represent figures from Thailand’s prehistory, mythology and religious figures. As you will learn, Bangkok monuments, provide a visitor an insight into the country’s history and culture you wouldn’t get without visiting them. You need to for that reason visit a minimum of one while in the city of Bangkok.

Bangkok Monuments Worth Visiting

King Taksin the Great Monument – The monument of King Taksin the Great, shaped by Professor Silpa Bhirasri, is situated at Wongwian Yai of Prajadhipok street. The equestrian statue of King Taksin, holding a sword in his right hand, is installed on a pedestal. The height from his hat down to his feet is around fourteen metres, while the platform has to do with 1.70 metres high. The statue was inaugurated on April 17, 1954. Every year, on December 28, His Majesty the King happily makes a royal see to the statue to lay down a wreath in reverence of King Taksin the Great. Read more…..

King Rama I Memorial – The royal statue of Phrabat Somdet Phra Phutthayotb Chulalok was enshrined at the feet of Pathom Barommarachanuson bridge on Bangkok side, put up in 1932 to celebrate the 150-year anniversary of Krung Rattanakosin. The monarch is the first king of the Royal Home of Chakri. He was born on March 20, 1736 in Ayutthaya, announced King on April 6, 1782 and established Bangkok as the capital city of Thailand in the very same year. King Rama 1 ruled the Kingdom for 27 years and died on September 7,1809.

King Rama III Memorial – The Royal Statue of Phrabat somdet Phra Nungglao chaoyuhua was enshrined at the Royal Reception Structure at the corner of Ratchadamnoen avenue. It was erected in 1990 by the Department of Fine Arts. The statue was moulded in bronze in the seating posture upon the royal throne and is half lift-size. Within the beautiful substance there is a Royal Reception structure for His majesty to invite royal guests and 3 pavilion for other delegation consisting of open spaces for public gardens.

Equestrian Statue of King Rama V – Erected during the reign of King Rama V in 1908 from funds raised by Thai people. Authorities agreements were made with an experts French carver in Paris who had it moulded from there. His Majesty, the late king Rama V had his equestrian statue inaugurated by himself. His late majesty King Rama V thereafter utilised the remaining funds to establish Chulalongkom which is named after his father.

Statue of King Rama VI – Established in front of Lumphini Park on Rama VI Road, the Statue of King Rama VI was moulded and casted by professor Silpa Bhirasri. The work was fully accomplished on June 7, 1941. His Majesty king Bhumibol Adulyadej graciously inaugurated the statue on March 27,1942.

Victory Monument – The Thai federal government, under the premiership of General P. Pibunsongkram, had the Victory Monument set up in 194 in honour of the brave acts of soldiers, policemen and civilians who died throughout the conflict between Thailand and France over the re-designation of the border between Thailand and Indochina. Read more…..

Democracy Monument – This monument was erected to celebrate Thailand’s change from Absolute Monarchy to Constitutional Monarchy on June 24,1932. The monument was designed by Teacher Silpa Bhirasri with the core structure through a big copper tray carrying the. Constitution and supported by a stand. The copper tray is the biggest in Thailand with a height of three metres and weighing 4 tonnes. Read more…..