Bangkok Business Guide

Bangkok Business Guide – An insider’s guide to doing business like a pro in this city. Bangkok is considered the commercial centre of Thailand and a major hub in Southeast Asia. Bangkok is ready to meet the everyday needs and requirements of business travellers. Business services, facilities and resources are top-class as are the accommodation options. This website combines all the best information possible to help you make the best of your business trip. There is no doubt that Bangkok is one of the main business centres of Southeast Asia and maybe regarded as second only to Hong Kong.

Business Meetings

The We Love Bangkok Business Guide recommends that you take your clients to Sirocco for your meetings and maybe a lunch or dinner – which is within the Lebua Hotel. It is famous for being one of the top 10 rooftop bars in the world and its prices reflect this. Taking your clients to dinner will cost around 3,000 THB per person. It is well worth the cost as the food is excellent and it allows you to have a place to sit for your business talk. Why not make life easy for yourself and book a room here too then you don’t have to worry about catching a taxi elsewhere at the end of the night. Rooms at the Tower Club at Lebua Hotel start from just 7000 THB and offer some of the best views across the city.

Where to Stay for Business

The very best company hotels in Bangkok are all perfectly situated in the heart of the city’s industrial districts – Sathorn, Siam and Sukhumvit. Suggesting that the notorious traffic will not create chaos with your consultations schedule – or at least not excessive! The most popular Bangkok business hotels all provide exceptional four or five star luxury on par with other significant capital cities on the planet – however all at a more inexpensive cost. Every one is clever, sophisticated, well-mannered and highly astute – just like the high-flyers who use them.

Getting Around on Business

However doing business in Bangkok is no longer the white-knuckle trip it once was. Lightening the workload are the Skytrain, the expressways, the Metro, the spectacular new ultra-modern Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

An expressway links the airport with the centre and a taxi will take approximately 30 minutes to an hour, depending upon where your hotel is and whether it’s heavy traffic. The Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link will link the airport with the City Air Terminal in fifteen high-speed minutes.

We do not advise renting a vehicle since traffic is heavy and slow moving – metered taxis are economical, particularly when compared with the rate of automobile service. Taxis are offered simply outside the arrivals terminal at the airport and all the top business hotels.