Bangkok BTS

The Bangkok BTS or Skytrain as it’s more commonly referred to was opened in 1999. With 32 expanding stations and 2 major lines it has become an important and safe method for getting around the city. The skytrains operate on a raised rail platform linking major locations of significance within central Bangkok. It also connects in several places to Bangkok’s other transportation system the MRT.

The BTS skytrain is an outstanding method for getting around Bangkok’s primary shopping centres and likewise other tourist attractions. There are 32 stations all linked together around Bangkok so discovering one is not that hard as they are above ground. You’ll generally see the huge concrete pillars and skytrain tracks before a station.

Automated escalators and footsteps connect walkways to the raised stations where you can acquire a ticket. These stations often supply easy methods to cross Bangkok’s roads without buying a ticket.

Bangkok BTS Ticket Information

The most typical method and most convenient for tourists is to merely insert coins into the ticket devices located prior to the barriers. Next to each machine is a map showing your present area and the rest of the BTS stations. Each station is represented by a name and number. On the ticket maker press the number of the station. A rate that normally represents the station number will appear. Place your coins (coins only) into the machine up until it counts down to absolutely no. A thin credit card sized ticket will then appear from a lower slot. If you just have notes most likely to the kiosks located beside the barriers and they will provide you altered.

Newer ticket machines now accept notes. In case of a ticket machine breakdown the kiosks will provide you a ticket however you cannot normally buy straight from them. You can purchase a Rabbit card or a regular monthly/ weekly pass for the BTS. This is possible from the kiosks, however it typically does not work out more affordable for short stay travellers.

Now that you have the charge card sized BTS ticket continue to the metallic barriers. Choose among the ones with a huge green tick. This indicates it’s an entry point. The Red X’s show exit points coming from the other side.

Put your ticket into the lower slot on the barrier. The ticket will be taken in and pop out on the top as the red barrier pulls back. Take the ticket back and quickly walk through. Don’t delay excessive as the barrier only remains open for about 2.4 seconds.

At the back of the Bangkok BTS ticket is a small map revealing to you all the BTS stations.

For more information regarding Bangkok’s BTS services, routes and tickets, please visit the BTS website.


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