Bangkok SA Express Train Line

The Bangkok SA Express Train Line supplies a transportation service between Bangkok City Air Terminal (BCAT) from Makkasan Station to Suvarnabhumi Airport within 15 minutes. The train only stops at Makkasan Station (original terminal) and Suvarnabhumi Station (end of terminal).

There are total of 4 trains providing services on the Bangkok SA Express Train Line. Each train has 3 passenger cars, which provide 170 passenger seats, and 1 baggage vehicle. It provides the train service from 06.00am – 12.00 am.

Makkasan Station

BCAT is the stemming point of the SA Express Line in addition to a station for the SA City Line. The station has many facilities such as check-in counter service, where passengers can check-in and pack their luggage to the luggage train – which is a benefit of moving baggage to different airline companies.

Suvarnabhumi Station

This is an underground station, part of which is under Suvarnabhumi Airport and passengers can access the airport from the station and hotel connection points. There are elevators, escalators, ramps, and so on. Furthermore, the station likewise has other services such as flight information, parking lot with capacity of 300 vehicles and 100 motorcycles, bus parking area, taxi stand. Passengers can also interchange to BTS (Petchaburi Station) from here.


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