Bangkok Airport Rail Link

The Bangkok Airport Rail Link was created to help avoid Bangkok’s traffic congestion. The 28 km journey from Bangkok to and from the international airport takes approximately 30 minutes. The service comprises of 2 lines – non-stop Express services and City Train services. Both lines run from 6am – 12am.

Non-stop Express services start at Suvarnabhumi Airport and end at Makkasan Station. The journey takes just 15 minutes and runs every 30 minutes. City Train or Commuter services run between Suvarnabhumi Airport, stop at Lat Krabang, Thup Chang, Hua Mak, Makkasan, Ratchaprarop and Phaya Thai. The journey takes 30 minutes and runs every 15 minutes.

Helping with the travellers and commuters to take a trip to other parts of Bangkok, both lines have interchange stations. Makkasan Station for MRT (underground) at Phetchaburi Station and the City Railway is connected at Phaya Thai station for the BTS (Skytrain).

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Every Airport Rail Link station has been installed with at least two automatic token dispensers. Number of automated token dispenser in each station depends on station’s size. Automatic token dispenser at Bangkok Airport Rail Link station is designed to compute the fair of travellers. The computer program will immediately calculate the fair, which passengers can use 1 THB, 5 THB, and 10 THB coins, or notes to acquire the token. This machine has an automated altering and invoice system. Tokens can be easily purchased by merely selecting the destination station. The machine will compute the fair according to the distance. City Line’s fares start from 15 THB, while Express’s fare is a flat rate of 150 THB. After the passenger has paid, the machine will give out a token as a gate pass for going into the platforms, and it will also print out a receipt which you should keep hold of.

Airport Rail Link also has a prepaid pass, like other trains, when passengers touch the pass at the gate reader, it will show the balance and details which station the travellers have taken a trip through. The minimum pre-paid value is 50 THB, which passengers can pre-pay up to 1,000 THB. The system that collaborates with the automated token dispenser is platform gate, which reads the information from the token. If the info is valid, the gate will open to allow passengers to go on to the platform. The gates has a capability of accepting up to 45 travellers per minute.

If you require more information about services, tickets or routes, please visit the Bangkok Airport Train website.


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